Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, A Brother's Poem


It's no secret how much Colt and Nic are adored by their big brother.

I shared a poem that he wrote for his writing class on Instagram.  Of course, as I said there, he didn't think it was good and was embarrassed to have me share it but I thought it was too amazing not to share.

We received the sweetest notes from so many people and several asked if they could have a copy of it.  I thought I would post it here for anyone who would like to print their own copy, since it has been way too long since I have posted here anyway!

If I knew how I would make one of those neat little "printables" for you, but I'll let you all figure that out. :)  Here it is:

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, A Brother's Poem

Many see special needs as a mistake outside of God’s plan, Yet scripture says in the womb God knits every man. * God did not make a mistake of any kind. He’s knit your child’s heart, soul, and mind. * Don’t worry about your family, your child’s made for them too. God knows who you are and fashioned this child for you. * He gives the strength needed to face each new day, And His grace is sufficient through challenges faced on the way. * With every child comes difficulties, sorrows and fears That never surpass the love and joy through the years. * God is with you he always is, And he’s pleased with your love for this child who is his. * A diagnosis cannot tell you his favorite hobby, if he will dance, paint or sing. It cannot list the unique gifts, strengths and weaknesses that he will bring. * No need to fear or be afraid, Your child is fearfully and wonderfully made. * The Bible says that all people are made in God’s image, Raising a special needs child is not a task it’s a privilege! Written By Luke R. Age 13  Big brother to Colt and Nic, two extra special boys with Down syndrome. @DownrightWonderful