A Child's Heart

This is Nic and Colt’s big sister who last year shortly after we brought Nic home and after hearing about his orphanage and the other children in institutions with Down syndrome, angrily asked, “Why would people not want babies with Down syndrome?! Do people not know ANYTHING about Down syndrome?!... That's SO weird!!!" (or "weeyud" was more like what she said for those of you who know her cute little voice)😊.

I told her then that she already understands more about the value and beauty of life than many adults.

Well, today she let me know that we needed to adopt more children. Apparently we should have 20 children but if we can’t then “at least 3 more...GIRLS!...with Down syndrome”. Boys are “fine too” but she wants 6 sisters and she is “definitely adopting 20 when she’s older!”

I am going to be a very blessed Grandma one day! :)