My Treasure

Nic with his cute little belly, playing in the sand with Colt and his other siblings just melts me. 


But, I cannot tell you how many times when I am watching him in these new environments, I think about those babies left at his orphanage that we could not bring home.


I have had the privilege of becoming friends with many who have a heart for these orphans and a heart for adoption and fostering in the last few years.  They continue to adopt and foster those that many in this world consider “unlovable” or “unworthy”.  They do not do it because it’s easy, glamorous or fun.

When I read things like the quote below, I can’t help but ask myself am I doing all that I can do?  Just because we adopted Nic, doesn’t mean we can just wash our hands and be done.  No, it doesn’t mean it has to be adoption, or far off missions, but wherever it is, am I truly living the kind of life that Christ calls me to...

“You are called to go through this world as a pilgrim, a mere temporary resident, traveling light, and willing, as Christ directs, to do what the rich young ruler refused to do: give up material wealth and the security it provides and live in a way that involves you in poverty and loss of possessions.  Having your treasure in Heaven, you are not to budget for treasure on earth, nor for a high standard of living-you may well be required to forego both..

You are called to follow Christ, carrying your cross.

...your eyes must be open to see others’ needs, both spiritual and material; your heart must be ready to care for needy souls when you find them; your mind must be alert to plan out the best way to help them; and your will must be set against the trick that we are all so good at ‘passing the buck,’ going by on the other side and contracting out of situations of need where sacrificial help is called for.

"Knowing God" by J.I. Packer

But do I live it?