Our Adoption Journey Video

It’s been two years this week since we met Nic for the first time.  Here is the video that we made of our adoption journey when we arrived home for everyone who had supported us along the way. We still thank the Lord for every single person that played a role through their prayers, generosity and support.  They were just as important to bringing Nic home as we were. 

Dear Mom


I wanted Colt and Nic to be the ones to deliver this message to moms who have recently had babies diagnosed with Down syndrome, to kick off Down syndrome Awareness month.

Dear Mom,


From a mom who has two boys with Down syndrome, one biological and one adopted, I can assure you that your baby will be the greatest gift you would have never known to ask for!

God didn’t make a mistake when He intricately wove that extra copy of chromosome 21 more than a trillion times into your precious little one.  Our God who determines the number of stars and knows them by name, fashioned your baby in His image, declared him wonderfully made and chose YOU for this amazing gift.

If moments of sadness or worry come when you wonder if your child will fit into the world’s standard of success, beauty, popularity, or an “easy” life, just remember that NONE of those things bring joy or love.

True joy is only found in living our life for the purpose God has set out and this extra special chromosome was given to your child for a unique purpose for God’s glory.

I could list all the ways that my boys are talented and gifted but your child will have their own unique, beautiful gifts that light up your world and reflect the beauty and creativity of our Creator.

As with every individual their will be struggles and challenges. We can’t predict what our children’s future holds no matter how many chromosomes they have but we can love them unconditionally and be loved by them through it all.

We can teach them the gospel and our Savior’s love, but don’t be surprised when God uses the innocent, unconditional love and joy of your little one, who happens to have an extra chromosome, to teach YOU even more about His glory, His kingdom and His love than you could have ever grasped before!


Nic’s Adoption Story **Part 8

On January 12, 2017 we walked out the doors of that orphanage where Nic spent almost the first year of his life. Not a single person was there to say goodbye, but he arrived home to be greeted with the hugs, kisses and love of cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings!

We celebrated his 1st birthday one week later. The first year of his life was spent alone in an orphanage crib, but he celebrated his 1st birthday surrounded by a mom, dad and six siblings! What a beautiful day!

All six of his siblings, including Colt, were in love with him immediately. They have all learned more about God's love and faithfulness and giving of ourselves for others through this process than any lesson book could ever teach them.

Day by day Nic’s smiles and giggles started coming easier .

He learned to cry because someone loved him and would answer his cries. One of the most eerie aspects of the orphanage is the silence. Rooms full of children but hallways so silent you could hear a pin drop as children have learned that their cries will not be comforted. .

His head shaking completely stopped within weeks of being home.

One of the hardest parts was his trauma in regards to food.  He would not stop eating when he was fed and became upset EVERY time the food was pulled away. His blood tests showed malnourishment when we arrived home and we knew that this would take time and healing. Today he has minimal food issues, but they are still lingering and we remain aware and sensitive to this trauma.

. We know that there might always be scars that we will be sensitive to, but by God’s grace, 19 Months later, Nic has been transformed by unconditional love.

What a beautiful picture we have been given of our adoption into God’s family. Chosen while we were still sinners, broken, hurting, with nothing to offer...Ransom paid by the precious blood of Christ...Made a child of God’s and transformed by His love. The scars of our old self might remain in this life, but we are forgiven and made new by our Father who loves us and hears our cries and nothing we can do will ever separate us from that love.

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are...

1 John 3:1

Colt's Birth Story Part 4: Our Announcement Letter

We wanted to share Colt’s diagnosis in a way that let people know that we celebrated our wonderfully made boy with his extra chromosome.

It has been almost 4 years since Jim and I together wrote Colt’s birth announcement, but the emotions still come flooding back every time I read it...

“We wanted to take a minute to share an update with you on our newest member of the family, Colt. Turns out our little guy has been gifted with an extra chromosome, otherwise known as Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome…. This changes nothing for us in our mind. Psalm 139 hasn’t changed. Colt is just as fearfully and wonderfully made by our perfect Creator as our other five children so why should we feel any different? God didn’t make a mistake when Colt was being ‘intricately woven’ and ‘knitted together…’’(Complete letter below.)

I remember crying while writing these words, not in grief, but in the realization of what a special gift we were given and just how much God was going to use our boy to impact our lives and this world.

I could have never begun to imagine just how soon and how greatly this extra special boy would change us though.

***Part 5 in next post on his 4th Birthday!!***

•Our Announcement Letter:

July 29, 2014... Hi Friends, We wanted to take a minute to share an update with you on our newest member of the family Colt. Turns out our little guy has been gifted with an extra chromosome, (otherwise known as Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome).

We sort of knew this soon after Colt was born when we saw his precious face that revealed one characteristic of down syndrome which is the adorable up-slanted almond eyes. He also didn't cry in the first 24 hours aside from a diaper change, which we also knew wasn't "normal". After a quick search on the internet we learned that many babies that have down syndrome do not cry very often. So this also began to confirm our belief that he could possibly have down syndrome.

When the midwife came back the day after the delivery for Colt's 24 hour check-up, she asked us if he looked like our others, we told her, "well yes, his older brother but with down syndrome". She was caught off guard as she didn't think that we had noticed nor did she realize that we would be just as happy with this possible diagnosis. She then confirmed to us that she also thought that he possibly had down syndrome.

We told her that it changed nothing for us in our mind. After all, Psalm 139 hasn't changed. He is just as fearfully and wonderfully made by our perfect creator as our other five children so why should we feel any different? God didn't make a mistake when Colt was being “intricately woven” and “knitted together”.

Last week Colt was seen by a pediatrician and a genetics doctor who both confirmed that Trisomy 21 was an accurate diagnosis. The last step was waiting for the results of his blood test which we received yesterday morning from genetics lab giving the final confirmation of the diagnosis that we felt we had already known since the day he was born.

We are praying that God will be glorified as we get the opportunity to share with our friends and family why we are just as thrilled and have just as much joy with Colt as with our five others (who as you know are not perfect and also come with their own little package of health and behavior issues that just so happens to not be given a packaged title or cute physical traits that might define their issues into a specific group).

As we were watching all of our kids cuddling Colt and doting on him and Luke carrying him around singing to him, Jim said, "well he couldn't have been born into a better family to always have someone loving on him and taking care of him :)"

Even though we know he'll be a greater gift to us than we are to him. Really it's not about him or us but just that it is an opportunity for God to be glorified and we are so grateful for that. We also know that there will be some unique challenges ahead but we have faith in our perfect Father and praise Him for another amazing gift in Colt!

Love, Jim and Kelsi